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Top Alcohol News "First Edition"

Welcome to Top Alcohol News. Throughout the season, we will be posting all of the latest news, press releases, and driver interviews that pertain to the Top Alcohol categories. Along the side of this blog, you'll find links to race team websites, social media profiles, and drag racing news sites. If your team would like their site to be added to this list, please send us the link and team/driver name.

In addition, please add us to your distribution list for press releases. Our email address is (topalcoholnews AT gmail DOT com). We will try to post press releases as soon as we receive them.

Our goal at Top Alcohol News is to promote the top alcohol category and it's drivers, teams, and sponsors. In the next few days, we will set up a Facebook page and Twitter account dedicated to Top Alcohol News. We're always up to hearing new ideas that will improve the readers' experience on Top Alcohol News, so shoot us an email if you have an idea!

Nate Van Wagnen
Top Alcohol News Editor

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